Sunday, 19 December 2010

Palm Court and Stupid Parking

A couple of photos today. The first is the Palm Court Hotel now the smoke has cleared, well some of it, and the firemen have left the building. Hopefully the council will do something quickly. I mean we only have 4 months till the summer season starts and we don't really want a burnt out building as the main attraction do we? The balloon is bad enough. Even if they just flatten it and plant a few trees would be better than the various factions on the council using it as yet an other excuse to slag each other off whilst doing exactly nothing. The cafe and fish and chip shop at the other end of the building should be OK, they were quite far from the fire.

The second of the two photos is of a big 4 wheel drive parked on the main road outside the Princess Theatre (showing Aladdin for the next few weeks). Now this big, off road, gas guzzling 4 wheel drive thing was showing a blue badge. The blue badge shows that the driver or a passenger is disabled and therefore can park anywhere, even on the double yellow lines that are painted on this main road. Even if it is a major obstruction and a possible danger to other road users. See the bus having to go right out onto the other side of the narrow road to get past. Actually there are one or two exceptions to the park anywhere rule and one of them is even if you have a blue badge you can not park on a loading ban. This road has a permanent loading ban and now this big, off road, gas guzzling, 4 wheel drive, blue badge showing thing has a parking ticket. Now I don't have a car so I am not up to date on what a parking ticket costs these days but I hope it will teach who ever dumped this big, off road, gas guzzling 4 wheel drive thing that it is a good idea to read the rules carefully. Merry Midwinters Day.



Ex DG said...

Whilst I have no objection to anyone who needs a blue badge using it- BUT I think it is about time they showed some consideration for other road users and pedestrians. The fact that this gas guzzler got a parking ticket is a step in the right direction. Some of the inconsiderate ones should be booked for obstruction.

So sad about the Palm Court, perhaps now something will be done with it, as you say Dave, even demolished and planted out for a while would be an improvement

Cabbie J said...

£40 or £60 (depends on some factors I believe) but can be reduced to £20 with early payment. It was £60 with NCP and £30 before that.

Conditions of use for a blue badge explicitly state that you must not park anywhere obstructive, unsafe, inconvenient or otherwise thoughtless.

I'm sure the theatre wouldn't have minded a disabled visitor/customer to use their staff/loading parking for a few moments.

The driver should consider themselves lucky they still have a drivers-side wingmirror

David said...

This vehicle was parked when I went up to take the photos of the Palm Court and was still there 30 mins later when I came back. I have a feeling he had been there a long time. Bonnet was cold. And on the post just behind it was a sign saying 'No Loading'.

Still nothing in the Herald Express (online) about the fire.