Thursday, 2 December 2010


So Russia get the World Cup. What a disappointment. Why didn't Ronald Regan bomb them while he had the chance? Sorry, only kidding but it does now mean England will not be able to stage the World Cup until I am in my nineties at least.

PS That 3rd goal against Germany. It was never over the line.


Anonymous said...

Did not FIFA decree that the 2018 and 2022 World Cup venues, it would prefer emerging countries and those who had not hosted the competition prior to 'bid'. Hence the decision to award to Russia and Quatar.
A good decision, even though this country spent £millions in bidding and what would be the final bill to taxpayers and the same applies to the 2012 Olympics a big drain on taxpayers.
I note that Dorset and Weymouth council tax payers are now faced with an, as yet, undetermined but massive bill for hosting the sailing events. To think that Torbay and Devon could have been caught.

Pat said...

We should have put 15 million or we spent bidding into little brown envelopes and distributed them to the FIFA officials. We might then have have stood a chance of winning