Friday, 7 January 2011

Plymouth, it's just down the road.

Plymouth, an nearby town, like Torquay has fallen on hard times recently. Being so far away from London it tends to get forgotten by those in charge of the nations purse strings. The amount of work done at the Navel Dockyard at Davenport has fallen dramatically over the last few years and there has been a constant on going fear that the plug will be pulled and the lights will go out. Then came the news that the UK had lots of old nuclear submarines to pull apart and Devonport could have the job. At once a protest group jumped up and said, "Not in or back yard". They may need the work but not if there is a chance of Plymouth becoming a nuclear hot spot to rival Chernobyl. The government are still going to take the bloody things apart and have promised that safety precautions will be taken and Plymouth wont end up glowing in the dark. Cautionary note; governments don't always manage to keep their promises. See Bankers Bonuses out tomorrow.

Now there's a bit more for the protestors to join forces about. The Devon Rubbish Partnership, Torbay is a member, have decided that as the local landfill site is just about full to overflowing, an alternative method of getting shut of the rubbish is needed. And so they are going to burn it. Beats dumping it in Tor Bay. The advantage here is the ash that comes out is smaller in volume that the rubbish that went in and the heat will produce a small amount of power. The disadvantage is the incinerator has to be built in someone's back garden. Well not exactly in the back garden but you know what I mean. I hope the planers have thick skins, they're going to need it.

And now for the good news. Plymouth Argyle, the football team of that fair city currently owe the Tax Man loads of money. Probably less than most senior bankers manage to avoid paying each year but the bankers can afford a team of tax avoidance lawyers. Plymouth can't even afford a team. They have sold of a couple of their best players and may even have to sell more so the tax man gets his money. It was going to write the tax man always gets his money but that simply isn't true. (See above). Anyway Plymouth Argyle have managed to pay a chunk of the money they owe and are in line to pay the rest any day now. And on Saturday they managed a rare win after being two nil down with only a few minutes to go. Not all doom and gloom in Plymouth.

PS. Just a thought about those nuclear subs and the smelly incinerator. The prevailing wind here is from the west and if my memory serves me right, Plymouth is to the west. We could end up with all sorts blowing in on the wind.

Say no to nuclear subs; say no to an incinerator.

PPS Torquay take on mighty Carlisle United on Saturday for a place in the 4th round of the cup. Worth lots of money getting to the 4th round. Best of luck boys.


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Cabbie J said...

We get taxed per tonne of waste buried in the ground - but not to burn it. What kind of twisted logic is that?