Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sad day for the Gulls

Well here I am 12 000 miles from home in beautiful Tasmania enjoying the mild sunny weather we get here at this time of year. Anyway back home Torquay United's bid to make club history by getting into the 5th round of the FA Cup will have to wait an other year. Yesterday Crawley United beat them by one goal to nil and they make club history by getting the the 5th round. Wrong club. It's 9 am here, too early to start drowning my sorrows. Damn. Still the sun is shinning and it's going to be a beautiful day with a high of 25C and no rain and a barbi. Nice


Driving School said...

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Dave said...

Yes and then they go and get Man Utd in the next round... just to rub it in further!