Monday, 17 January 2011

Soon be on Holiday

A few things from Torquay before I head off to sunny, I hope Australia. First is Banksy's "Boy drawing a Robot" seems to have been covered up for some reason. I haven't been down Belgrave Rd for a week or more and was surprised to find large boards had been placed over the drawing. Maybe they are there to protect it from the weather. It has been bad recently.

Second was an item on the local TV news. Twenty Kilograms of cocaine worth about £3m has been seized by police following a raid by police on an industrial site here in Torquay. There has been no mention as to where the cocaine came from but 6 people are being held in connection with the raid.

And a 3rd item from the Herald express tells that a 1960s building in Babbacmbe that has been derelict for at least 5 years is finally going to be developed. We really like to act fast here in Torquay. A supermarket chain are taking over the site and there are 6 flats also included in the plans. PS Even though the building is an eyesore and has been empty for years there are some people don't want the development to go a head. Torquay's biggest problem. Someone comes up with an idea and the money and someone else stands up and objects. Mind you, it isn't only residents of Torquay who have this dismaying trate. Lots of people are in favor of round the year summer time here in the UK but one or two government ministers don't like the idea and so it probably wont get off the ground. Such a change would make for lighter evenings and a boost for tourism.

And a bit of good news from Brixham to finish. A record £24m of fish sales last year which is £7m up on last year.

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