Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Coach Trip to Palm Beach and Other Places

No, I haven't got a job driving a coach down under. It was a trip organised by the Eastwood Probus Club which is a club for people over a certain age. They have little get togethers and the occasional trip somewhere and my sister booked me a seat on the trip. We went first to Palm Beach to pick up a ferry for a boat trip down the Hawksbury River to a place called Bobbin Point. Unfortunately the ferry went from the wrong side of Palm Beach so was unable to go and see if Home and Away were filming. Last time I was here 2 years ago I took a couple of shots of the filming and this time I was hoping to do the same. Still got tome so who knows. On the way there we stopped at Newport Beach Surf Club for morning coffee. I thought we were going into the club for our drink but when we stopped, Robert the coach driver open the luggage compartment, pulled out a table and gave out plastic cups to everyone. We queued up and took either a tea bag or a spoonful of coffee and Robert filled the cup up with hot water from a water heater fitted especially for that purpose in the luggage compartment. Biscuits were also distributed.
Then on to Palm Beach and the Ferry, First stop across the mouth of the river to Patonga. Half hour by ferry 2 days by road. There 49 packets of fish and chips were waiting. No vinegar on the chips. No one in Australia puts vinegar on their chips which should be illegal. The boat trip continued on for about 45 mins to Bobbin Head where the coach was waiting. Then to a wildlife centre and a 30 minutes walk in the bush. See photo for the wildlife.
All in all a nice day out, the coach was new and well driven. The commentary was clear and informative and I'd heard all the jokes before but I still laughed. If you are planing a trip around Australia the company, Hopkinsons do a 22 day 6000km fight up to Northern Territories for 3600 pounds.  


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Dave said...

Bet you enjoyed being on a "busman's holiday" for a change David?

Antique Buses for Sale said...

Wow, nice shot of the kangaroos! Thats awesome!