Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Daffodils and Nuclear Power Plants

Thoughts for the Day
1) If you are a parent and you take your children to the park to look at the flowers would you be disapointed if someone had got there first and picked then all? Would you ask,"Why didn't someone stop them?"
2) Why do people who run nuclear power plants always say "Everything is under control," when they know it isn't. If the Japanesse owners of the plant had said, "Boy, are we in trouble," from day one then maybe we could trust them a bit more. The problem now is that we need to contine to supply the developed world with the energy to run our power hungry life style by either inventing some new way of generating electricity or by building nuclear power plants all over the place. (Though on reflection not in earthquake zones). Torbay isn't in an earthquake zone, we could fit a nuclear power plant on Berry Head no problem, plenty of jobs, but would the people of Devon now believe any assurances that nothing could go wrong. go wrong go wrong. go wrong..............................

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Dave said...

Very philosophical David. You make an important point about atomic reactors. That's why we don't have them here..... yet - Dave