Friday, 4 March 2011

International Space Station and Lib Dems come 6th

Been back over a week now and isn't it cold. I'd missed the news about the By election up in Bradford yesterday but wasn't suprised by the result. I have vote Lib Dem all my voting life but felt and still feel betrayed by the Lib Dem leadership joining the party to the Tory Party just so he (the Leader) could end up 'in power'. (Who is he kidding?) I can not imagine what must be going through land standing Lib Dem MPs' minds when the heard the news, beaten by the BNP into 6tgh place, with just over a thousand votes. A lot of good things are going to have to happen before the next general election, due in 4 years, if there are going to be more than a handfull of Lib Dem MPs left in Parliment in 2015. I'm sure Nick Glegg must be wondering what job he will be able to get as an ex Deputy Prime Minister and ex MP in 2015.
Round here we have local elections in May. Every 3 years we get a change in the party controlling the council. At the moment it is Conservative who haven't done anythine well over the last 3 years so it should, if history is anything to go by, be Lib Dem after May in the driving seat but a loud wake up call has gone out, maybe the labour party will be the ones to actually wake up.
Watched the International Space Station with the shuttle Discovery docked fly over last night. I tried to get a phote but I used too long an exposure and it ended up a bright line. OK, I know I wouldn't get any detail but I would have looked good. Anyway It will be up there again on Saturday at 18:31 coming from WNW heading ESE more or less directly over head and will be visable for 3 minutes.
The other event happening tomorrow is The Big Book Give Away. 1200 books have been delivered to Torquay Library and they will be passed on to 25 brave souls in the Torquay area who will attempt to give away 50 books each to passing strangers to read and hopefully enjoy. I have read 3 or 4 of the books on the list and I am hoping to get one or two I haven't read yet.


Dave said...

It's interesting to watch the space station if you know where to get the information about its passes. I do have it but its raining today and tonight. I saw it once when the shuttle had not long disconnected and was flying a short distance away. Interesting David - Dave

Anonymous said...

The election was not in the Islamic Republic of Bradford, but in the Socialist Workers Paradise of Barnsley

Anonymous said...


I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use part of the information from your blog post above if I give a link back to this website?


David said...

Sorry about that, I should know the difference as I once spent a weekend in Shipley.