Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Libya and Street Lights; Good or Bad?

A couple of story come to mind while looking at recent news stories. The first concerns David Cameron's statement that contact has been make with the people most likely to take over in Libya once the mad Cornel has gone. How does he know these are the right people to be in contact with or is he using the same method a cynic like me would use; i.e. "Who has the most guns". Because this was the problem in Iraq. The group most likely to take over might not be popular with everyone and the group not selected possibly wont do what we do her in democratic Britain which is wait and watch and vote someone else in at the next general election. You've just got to look at Iraq where the people who supported S.Hussain didn't like their new leaders and went on a mass murder spree. Democracy has to come in slowly, here in Britain it took several hundred years between Magna Charta and Votes for All when women finally got the vote in the early part of the last century. If we expect it to happen overnight in Libya then we are expecting the Libyan People to accept it a lot faster than we did here.

The other story is on a lighter note, actually that should be a darker note. Torbay council have decided to switch of street lights in industrial and residential areas from 00:30 (12:30 am) in a bid to save £300 000 and help to save the planet. Reading the story in the Herald Express I noted the comments from other readers were split 50/50 either in favour or against. An increase in crime and the danger of tripping over uneven pavements were the biggest concerns mentioned by those against the idea while those in favour quoted the environment and a reduction in light pollution by those in favour. Reports from places that have all ready switched the lights out suggest the increase in crime doesn't happen. Graffiti artist like to see what they are drawing, ask Banksy, and mugger like to see the a) the only person around is their victim not a possible eye witness or even a rescuer and b) their victim. No good hearing footsteps approaching and stepping out demanding Your money or your life and finding out your intended victim is a bouncer on his way home from a tour of duty at the roughest night club in the area.

Sales of touches should go up in the area which will be good for some local shops.

Before it happens I will go out one night and take a couple of ' before' photos and a couple of 'after' photo once it starts.

PS. Do you live in an area where the lights go out at night? Tell all, has crime gone up, are drunks on the way home from the pub at 1 and 2 in the morning suing the council after falling flat on their faces after tripping, have there been more car crashes on the dark streets of your town? Is it a good idea or what?


HKguy said...

Will this mean a reduction in Council Taxes next year I wonder?. They can hardly charge for lighting if they don't provide it. Ask them for a discount, see what they say.

David said...

The British Government, much more powerful than me, asked Gaddafi to go and he said NO. I expect I would get the same answer from Torbay council if I asked for a rebate.