Thursday, 24 March 2011

Water Bills

We down here in the South West got a mention in today's budget. We pay more for our water than anywhere else in the country. If that statement is wrong and you do pay more than us then I really am sorry. Down here we have 30% of the English coast line but have only 3% of the population, quiet what that has to do with high water bills beats me, maybe SW Water have to keep all the beaches clean. Also we are the poorest area with the lowest wages and some of the highest house prices in the land. We, the two of us, pay £414 a year for water. We don't own a water wasting hose pipe nor do we have a dishwasher (that's my job), though we do have a washing machine. We take showers, showers use less water that a bath and try to use as little water as possible. About 52m³ per year. Divide 414 by 52 + 7.69. That means one cubic metre costs £7.69. If you live out side the South West perhaps you could do the same sum with your water bill and let me know what your water cost you.

Anyway the Chancellor is going to make public money available to help bring down the cost of water down here. The sum of £40million has been mentioned (awaits confirmation). Well done Mr Chancellor, thanks very much. I don't suppose you could back date it 15 years. Now I don't expect that nice Mr Osborne is going to sit up all night sticking cheques into envelopes and posting them of to all us hard pressed customers of SW Water. No, he'll just give SW Water £40 million and hope someone at SW Water will sit up all night sticking cheques in envelopes and posting them to all us hard pressed customers of SW Water. So do I. And soon.

PS I have been trying to find out how many house hold SWW deliver to, a wild guess would be about half a million. It that is even vaguely correct we should see our bill come down by £80 per year.


Anonymous said...

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David said...

To Peter, where exactly are you going to use the content? David

Dave said...

You live near the sea David. Make a still and purify your own? :-) - Dave

Anonymous said...

Yet Adrian Sanders, Torbay's useless liberal/literal democrat mp, is in favour of adding £14 a year on average to pay for private sewers to be connected to the main! As well as claiming £400 a month for food, plus toilet rolls, milk etc, for his Torquay office.

HKguy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much things cost in Britain. Just as an example, out here in Hong Kong the domestic prices for water are as follows: Bills every 4 months, in that period - first 12 cubic metres are free, then the next 31 are at $4.16 (33p) per cu.m and the next are at $6.45 (51p) per cu.m. Flush water is free for the first 30 cu.m. I got my latest bill and for the 4 months used 33 cu.m of water and all together the bill was $118.5 (£9.47). Multiply that by 3 and a bit as we use more water in the summer for showers etc and the yearly total will be about £30 for over 100 cu.m of water. Not bad really.
What a total rip off Britain is.