Sunday, 10 April 2011

News of the World and Phone Hacking.

OK, I can finally admit the News International didn't hack my mobile phone. Bastards. But they did hack the phones of the rich and famous who are now set to sue for every penny they can get. Which is why I am annoyed that my phone wont be on the list the police must by now compiling so I will be unable to make some money out of this long running sage. Hopefully those who do sue get loads of money out of the paper's owner, he can afford it. Hopefully this little episode of law breaking by News International will persuade the powers that be to block the sale of what's left of BSkyB to News International even if more logical arguments fail. That too much power in one media mogul's hands is a very bad thing. Think how long the News of the World got away with phone hacking by blaming someone else in the company. What they could get away with in a company the size of BSkyB and NewsInternation. For years News International insisted there had been just one "rogue" reporter involved in the hacking of phones. Now they have come out and said that just isn't in fact actual true. If they can avoid telling the truth about this for years what else are they prepared to do for a story.


The constant stalling by the News of the World is going to cost them dear, it would have been better if they had admitted it years ago. The size of the damage do would have been much less. I'm thinking here of the cost to us poor tax payers (yes I do pay tax), the man hours of wasted police time and effort. The diverting of all that expertise of the officers who have had to investigate this scandal could have been spent else where on other more serious crimes. I hope the CPS give some though to asking News International for a really big contribution towards those costs.

PS. The photo is nothing to do with the above. For years Stagecoach have run a bus service, the 111, from Torquay to Dartmouth. It ran via the Willows, Torbay Hospital, Marldon Berry Pomeroy and Totnes. Well on the 9th April they changed the route slightly. It now runs from Paignton to Totnes and then to Dartmouth missing out the Willows, Torbay Hospital, Marldon and Berry Pomeroy. I have never been on this route so on Thursday I took a ride from Torquay to Totnes. I then had 30 mins in Totnes and caught the next bus back to Berry Pomeroy. From there I walked down to Longcombe, taking a few photos as I went. I was planning to catch a bus back to Torquay from there.

I knew there would be a choice of thee buses along that road, X80/81, 88 and River Link's 100. Not knowing what time the ran I clicked on the little bus stop symbol which takes me to, useful for getting bus numbers and times if a bit of a pain to use. It turns out there is ferry from here to Paignton ( the nearest river is in Totnes 5 miles away). It's run by the Dartmouth Steam Railway & River Boat Company and it arrives on Stand L in Paignton Bus Station. In fact according to the transport direct site a ferry should arrive in the bus station at 10:52 Monday morning. I think I will get down there with my camera, should get some good shots.

Anyway the photo is of Berry Pomeroy.

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