Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The nominations for the mayor's job are

Gordon Oliver, Cons,

Dennis Brewer, Lib Dem;

Patrick Canavan, Lab;

Fiona McPhail, Voice 4 Torbay;

Sam Moss, Green Party;

Martin Brook, Ind;

Paul Clifford, Ind;

Susie Colley, Ind;


Nick Bye, The Devil we Know Party.

Three of the candidates stood in the last election, Mr Bye who won, Mr Oliver who came third and Mrs Colley who came in fourth. The Lib Dem candidate came 2nd but isn't standing this time. The first 3 candidates in the above list have all expressed a wish to see the post scrapped so I expect that if one of them does get elected they will do nothing, not even draw the £65 000 salary that goes with the job.

I have googled some of the candidates to see if I can find out anything relevant about them. Sam Moss needs to work much harder on his web page, content is negligible. Fiona McPhail's Voice 4 Torbay doesn't seem to have a web site, at least I can't find it. Martin Brook is a 46-year-old financial adviser from Barton, Torquay. Again no web site I can find. Paul Clifford only comes up in the Herald Express as being a candidate, have to do better. Susie Colley is a former nurse who runs her own medical insurance business but nothing about her ambition to be mayor.

Remember boys and girls, it's the internet where people get information from these days so get on your computers pdq.




Anonymous said...

I have found a Fair bit out about Fiona McPhail Type in her name Yahoo UK

Fin said...

You can find plenty of information about Martin at:

Anonymous said...

Dennis Brewer has a good website , take a look at or type Dennis Brewer mayor into google. Thanks. Deborah

Steve said...

ey. Just found this by chance, whilst searching for the websites for the Mayoral candidates. Don't understand why most of 'em don't have one. I agree with your comments about same.

Steve Kaye said...

Most interesting Blog. Glad I found it!