Monday, 25 April 2011

Photos from the Route

On Saturday I went for a ride round the route to take some photos. My days of taking photos whilst in the driving cab are definitely over. I particularly wanted some from Penwill Way, the views there of Torquay and Berry Head are quiet impresive. But I let all the paying passengers get on first and end up sitting at the front of the bus trying to take good photos through the window. Doesn't work. So on Sunday I caught the bus again and got off in Penwill Way and took a load of shots with a tripod. Some (31) can be found here on Flickr. Under the user name of torquay trivia
One shot I did get was the bus coming up from Broadsands under the rail bridge designed and built by I K Brunel. No steam train passing at the same time, sorry if you are into steam trains. I'm working tomorrow (tue) on the Cockington Clipper between paignton and Cockington.
The other photo was taken from Penwill Way on Sunday. Rock Walk is clearly visable.

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retired driver Peter said...

Just like old times but with no cab photos of the traffic. Waiting to here stories of the strange things passengers get up to.
keep on enjoying the job