Friday, 10 June 2011

A Dream or Nightmare

Ever got a parking ticket and found the excuse, "I was only a minute", didn't work. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could drive into town and park anywhere you liked without having to worry about getting a parking ticket. No more driving round looking in increasing desperation for a legal place to park, thinking I should have taken the bus. Finally after hours of looking the now frantic motorist thinks, "No traffic wardens about, I'll be alright to park that loading bay." Like this car.

If traffic wardens didn't exist then this car and others could park here all day and we would have to park out in the road to pick up our passengers blocking the road to passing traffic. Then a truck would come along and stop, also in the roadway and start to unload. How long before the centre of Paignton became gridlocked?

Now imagine a town with no traffic wardens. Well you don't need to go far, just to Aberystwyth where all the parking wardens have either retired or been done away with under the spending cuts rule and it will be a year before they will be replaced. Now it's a waste of time driving into town as it is almost imposible to actually drive round the town due to parked cars on yellow lines blocking some of the streets and making most of the others really hard work to drive down. Full story here.

And a follow up to yesterday's post on the level crossing. The ITV Western report can be viewed here, I don't actually appear but if you look carefully you can see my bus. And no it isn't parked on the level crossing.

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Cabbie J said...

David, David - you missed the hazard lights! You do realise they are an automatic exemption from any parking restriction?