Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Not happy when something like this happens.

At 2:35 I stopped at Holbourne Park and picked up a group of people. The person with the money explained that they wanted to go to Broadsands, get of the bus there and catch a later bus back to Holbourne Park. I explained that on this leg of the journey I was heading for Paignton and would, after a ten minute wait, be travelling to Broadsands, arriving there at 3:20 and that the last bus would be leaving Broadsands at 4:20 so they would only be in Broadsands for an hour. This was acceptable to the person with the money so the money was handed over and tickets given in return.

At the due time we arrived in Broadsands and the group departed the bus, checking the time at which I would return. As well as telling them 4:20 I also pointed out that, due to the usual increase in the volume of traffic as rush hour approached it might be possible that I could be late and they shouldn't worry too much if I wasn't there at exactly 4:20. I also assured them I wouldn't run early and if they were at the stop at the appointed time I would arrive and pick them up. As I had presumed I was a few minutes late, arriving at the stop at 4:26. No sign of the party. Now in Broadsands I go round a loop and come back to the stop where I had left the people an hour and 5 minutes earlier. It takes 3 minutes to get round this loop and I set of hoping they would be there when I got back. Still no sign of them. I waited an other minute just in case but they didn't turn up. I wonder what happened to them.

And to change the subject completely. There have been notices around Tweenaway Cross for the last week warning us drivers, that on top of all the roadworks going on at this difficult junction, resurfacing work was due to start today and would last 4 weeks. No sign of any resurfacing work but much less traffic about.

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Anonymous said...

Roadworks and accompanying street furniture alterations to change carriageways on Torquay seafront would start on 26.4.11 and last three weeks to completion, so the signs said. One end is still incomplete and it is now 9.6.11 with cones, three plant tubs, and differing shades of reddish coloured road surface almost matching the eyesore of the derelict Palm Court Hotel opposite and so-called artistic painted boarding that does not make a very good job of hiding the mound of rubble behind it. Can't depend on anything that these road signs say about work starting or ending I'm afraid. Time to wake up Mr new Mayor and get a grip. Tweenaway is a major junction and the Palm Court area a prime seafront location.