Friday, 24 June 2011

Sorry Nick, this is a stupid idea and you know it.

Nice try Nick, but it just wont work. The idea of giving 47 million people in the UK shares in a couple of banks will cost to much and be seen as a vote buying scheme, a chance to make your self as popular as you were before you became Cameron's puppet.

Even at the most optimistic costing of say £5 per person to give away the shares that will cost 47 000 000 times £5 = £235 million. Then there is the cost of the banks sending out all 47 million dividends even if that only costs £5 per person that comes to and other 235 million quid. Then there will be the group of civil servants needed to deal with those people who for some reason don't get their shares or have soon other complaint or questions. The most likely question will be, "How do I sell my Shares?" as 46.5 million people try to get rid of then and make a quick buck. At £5 per person these share dealings will cost £232.5 million. We are up to three quarters of a billion pounds so far without the cost of collecting the original value of the shares from all those people trying to sell their shares. On going administration costs that will continue for years to come will easily send the cost up to a billion pounds.

Hopefully a couple of gentlemen in white coats with Care in the Community will turn up at the Houses of Parliament on Monday morning and take you away to somewhere nice and quite and you can forget all about being Deputy Prime Minister (aka Cameron's lap dog) and have a nice long rest.

On a darker note; now Midsummer's Day has passed and the nights are getting darker sooner it still looks like the government isn't going to go for Standard Time all year round. If you, Nick, want to do something for the people before the men in white coats turn up then persuade Cameron to forget to put the clocks back in September so we can enjoy lighter evening in the coming winter.

And finally, it looks like the Jet Stream, which for the last few weeks has been sweeping in off the Atlantic over Devon and Cornwall and bringing cold, wet and windy weather down here has finally decide to head north above Scotland where it really belongs. When that happens we get a hot, dry sunny summer like we used to get years ago.

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Anonymous said...

You obviously forget what it was like last time we tried Standard Time - the poor buggers who live North of Watford Gap didn't see daylight until after 10.00am and the accident rate (especially for children increased. Of course you might not be a "morning person."