Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Incident on The Strand

I went out for my daily walk this afternoon and ended up on The Strand. I was standing near the Clock Tower roundabout looking at nothing in particular when I noticed that a car had stopper in an odd position on the roundabout. As I walked over to see what was going on I noticed a young lad, a teenager, lying in the road with the car stopped just before him. I at once went over to see if any one had dialled 999. Two people were already in attendance and of them, a Stagecoach driver had and was talking to the ambulance call centre who were questioning her about what had happened and were giving her instructions as to what action to follow until the ambulance arrived. The other person was moving the lad into the recovery position and I went to help. Before the ambulance arrive two cyclist stopped and they appeared more medically knowledgeable than me so I moved away and helped direct traffic along with a couple of bus drivers who were on the scene. In a few minutes a rapid response vehicle arrived and the driver got out and began administering to the lad. I was told then that he hadn't been hit by a car as I had first believed but had fallen while starting to cross the road and had hit his head. Soon an ambulance arrived and the crew administered CPR to the lad before getting him on a stretcher and taking him to hospital.

I have no idea how he is but when I find out I will let you know.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know if he is ok now? I got told it happend by a Stagecoach driver, and then I saw it on your blog, but I dont know anymore about it.