Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nothing to do with phone hacking

A little incident the other day just to illustrate that telling untruths isn't just confined to people connected with phone hacking and politicians. I was driving along Paignton seafront toward the terminus in Paignton, only two stops to go but running slightly late due to congestion. I noticed a man standing about 40 metres past the bus stop looking at the bus. I wondered if he wanted the bus and as he was standing in a lay-by considered stopping for him. I watched him as I drove past but he gave no indication that he wanted the bus, no wave of the hand or arm outstretched so I continued to the terminus without him. I them loaded up my next load of passengers for Cockington and set of. Forty minutes later, it takes that long to do the complete round trip, I was back at the stop near where I had seen the man and he was at the stop with his arm out so I stopped. As he got on he complained he had been waiting an hour for the bus. Obviously this wasn't true and I knew it. As I gave him his ticket he then told me the previous bus had driven passed him without stopping even though he had put his hand out. I asked him had he been standing at the stop. "Right there." he said pointing at the bus stop. "With my arm out." Again not true.

As he made his way down the bus to sit down he told everyone on the bus he had been waiting for at least 2 hours and continued to complain all the way to the terminus which thankfully was only 2 minutes drive away.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Mr Clarkson said Salford, which he has never visited, was "a small suburb with a Starbucks and a canal with ducks". he has also stated that he will quit Top Gear if the BBC decide to move the program to their new studios at Salford Quays.

Please BBC, I have never asked a favour of you before but could you please decide at once to send Top Gear to Salford.


DG 875 said...

.........But the customer is always right, isn't he?
Just one of the tribulations of working on the buses......

Anonymous said...

"But the customer is always right, isn't he?"

Not if he's incorrectly critising the company to other passengers. I think I'd have had to have said something!

boiltheoil said...

I was put on a disciplinary once because a passenger wrote in and said I didn't let her on the bus. Turned out that she had seen me driving the bus from the other side of the road and thought I was a driver she had argued with the previous week. Luckily, we had a good depot manager who went to great lengths to sort it out.