Thursday, 28 July 2011

Tweenaway hasn't gone away

This photo was taken on Monday on the Totnes Rd about 200 metres before the lights at Tweenaway Cross. Big queue of traffic suggesting that the millions spent on improving the traffic flow at this world famous junction had been wasted. That was what I was going to write when I took the photo. However I then heard there had been an accident on the ring road and the road was closed in the direction of Brixham and traffic was backed up to the junction so the millions weren't wasted after all.

Then to night at 5 pm I came out of Paignton heading up the Totnes road and came to a stop at the junction of Hayes Rd which must be 300 metres from the traffic lights. 10 minutes late I drove across the junction, coming from Totnes there were no cars waiting, from Kings Ash 3 or and the same from Brixham. Behind me there was a queue of traffic going back to Hayes Rd still.

Time for the council to either admit that the millions spent on the improvements to this junction could have been better spent buying everyone in the Bay a few pints as a consolation to not having a decent ring road or better still doing something to the timing of the lights. At the moment traffic coming out of Paignton seems to get about half the time the other 3 roads get which isn't fair.


Cabbie J said...

I can see traffic levels on my phone and have it on in the windscreen most of the time so I can avoid stuff like this.

And I can agree with you that traffic exiting Paignton doesn't seem to get a fair deal. Most of the time the traffic between Hayes Rd and the lights is 'red', where traffic going between Kings Ash and Whiterock is 'green'.

But unfortunately the only way to fix that junction is to build a flyover from the top of the hill over to the Kings Ash side..which will never happen.

We're just unlucky that the local road network is designed so that the major routes all pass through this point using two roads.

Anonymous said...

Agre, waste of money. Stuck fast Thursday night. Lights are wrong.

David said...

It would seem that something has been done to solve the problem of traffic coming out of Paignton queueing to go through Tweenaway. Now the hold up is coming in from Totnes. I have just spent 30 minutes to get to the lights when returning from Totnes. The problem seems to be the access to the lefthand lane meaning a comparitively short green phase from the lights. Adjusting the timing would seem to be the solution.