Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bristol VR LFJ862W

River Link here in Devon have got a new bus. Well not exactly new, it was registered in 1981 by the Western national Omnibus Company and has passed through several hands since then. I saw it making it's way up Torbay Rd Paignton yesterday morning running in service between Paignton and Totnes ( service 100). Later in the day it appeared to have been replaced by a single decker.

Click on the link to learn more of this bus's history.


James Devon Bus Man said...

Good pic Dave, good to see it earning its keep now in Devon! Needs a destination blind doesnt it as opposed to a piece of paper!

HKguy said...

I have to say the VR is one of my favourite buses ever. So much better in my opinion than some of the more modern stuff which I feel lacks any personality. A real bus with a real growl when pulling away, not to mention the semi-automatic gearbox giving drivers more control of the ride. What drivers may feel is a different matter though :)
As for the destination blind - any on ebay ???

Anonymous said...

Why on earth don't Riverlink paint their buses in the proper livery when they get them? Always seems to take six months.