Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday 110911

Some information on the incident I reported in my last post regarding the accident at Windy Corner. It appears that the scooter rider, Mr John Manley suffered a heart attack and dies as a result of that and not of injuries sustain in the collision with the post.

On Monday night we had some strong winds so on Tuesday morning we were driving round with some caution looking for trees or branches that might have come down in the night. There were two such problems on my route. The first I came to was in Broadsands Rd. A branch had come down and was intruding into the road by a couple of feet and clearly visible and easily avoided. When I came back 5 minutes later there were two council workers removing the branch. Half a mile further on, on the ring road, I came across the second incident. A tree in a garden had been blow over but it had come to rest on an other tree but one of it's branches was sticking out into the road at a height of about 10 feet. Would have made a nasty dint in the top of the bus but brilliant driver that I am I spotted it in good time and managed to avoid it. Now some Stagecoach services occasionally run along this road and the branch would cause them more problems than it caused me so at the next bus stop I pulled in, handbrake on, switched of the engine and rang Stagecoach depot to let them know the problem. The controller I spoke to thanked me and said he would get onto the council at once. An hour later when I went back the tree had gone and council work men were just finishing clearing the road. The 3rd thing the council were clearing up was the damaged post at Windy Corner. By lunch time the post had been replaced and the road clear. So well done Torbay Council far acting speedily in these three incidents.

The forecast for tonight is wind. Cornwall and Devon were on Amber alert as the remains of Cyclone Katia headed our way but it looks like it might miss up but winds of 25 mph are still predicted. We will have to wait and see.

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