Monday, 3 October 2011

Bus Ride to Teignmouth

Had a ride out on Stagecoach service 11 to Teignmouth today. The times and route have been changed for the winter. The buses now only run every 90 minutes instead of every half an hour and the route now finishes on The Strand, not Castle Circus like before. On the way back to Torquay we caught up with a 32 in Babbacombe. I noticed that one of the people waiting at the stop had ignored the 32 that had already stopped and flagged down the 11. I was a bit puzzled at first as both buses were going to The Strand so why get the 11 to stop when the 32 was at the bus stop. Maybe the passenger wanted to go upstairs (the 32 was a single decker) and look down on everyone. No, he stayed down stairs. The same thing happened at the next stop and I began to work out what was happening. These passengers were expecting the bus to go to Castle Circus. Sure enough when the bus got to The Strand they remained seated until the driver told then the bus wasn't going to Castle Circus any more. I had a quick glance at the destination blind and it read, "Torquay Castle Circus". Some one hadn't been round the buses with the little black box changing the routes in the bus's destination blinds. Careless, confusing and annoying.

Could do better, Stagecoach


Cabbie J said...

Once saw a local bus with a destie I've not seen anywhere before. A 3-digit route from upcountry somewhere. Bet that was confusing to the number 12 passengers.

DG875 said...

Destination still like it today! Wednesday

BTW Dave have you seen that the Sherwood has a sold sign on it?

David said...

Thanks for that info DG, maybe I'll finally get the 52 quid MacColls owed me when they went bust.

Bus Driver Vacancies said...

Big mistake, we need more information, we don’t have time in off for being waiting a bus that don’t take us to the place that we need… is really annoying im totally agree with you.