Monday, 24 October 2011

Man U 1 Man C 6

If you live in Manchester then there is someone near you who is either over the moon and about to bore everyone they know for the next ten years about how they were there or they are thinking of jumping in the Mersey or the Ship Canal. I can not think of a worse game to lose by 6 goals to 1 than at home to Man City. In the years I went to Old Trafford to watch Man U I can remember them scoring 6 goals but never conceding that many. In school playgrounds and shop floors and high rise office blocks through out the city Blues fans will be chanting six one all day long and I wouldn't be surprised if the absentee rate amongst Man U supporters reaches an all time high for the next few days.
If you're a blues supporter then enjoy, if you're a reds supporter then it's only a game (sic).


Anonymous said...

Bet Fergie is mad no doubt he will put some blame on officials. All teams go through things like this over the years.

cogidubnus said...

There is a trauma line available for Man U's on 0161 616161 !