Thursday, 10 November 2011

Green Buses?

I am up in Manchester for my annual family visit. Very warm day for the time of year so I went in to town to take a few photos, Never seen a green Stagecoach before and here are two in Piccadilly Bus Station. Did some colour blind painter get hold of the wrong can of paint or is there some reason for this new colour scheme?

I travelled up to Manchester yesterday by train instead of by coach. It took 3 hours less and travelling by train is much more comfortable than by coach. The lower ticket price on the coach used to be worth the extra time and discomfort but our wonderful, much loved government recently removed the subsidy they paid to Nation Express to provide us over 60s with half price coach tickets and now the difference in fares is almost insignificant. Still we must all make some sacrifices other wise the country will end up like Greece and Italy, sadly about to go broke.


Anonymous said...

The Green livery is what Stagecoach use for highlighting the extra green credentials of certain vegicles including hybrid buses, which this appears to be. This livery can also be seen on hybrids in Oxford, Sheffield & Newcastle and in Scotland on buses running on biodiesel. A similar livery has appeared on new buses on the 555 Lancaster to Keswick through the Lake District to highlight the rural sightseeing potential of this route through this tourist area (and to tie in with the recent tradition of running certain buses including open toppers in the Lake District in a special green livery).

Anonymous said...

Yes, that bus is definitely a hyrbid Enviro 400H.

Torbay Bus Routes said...

I took plenty of pictures myself this weekend of Manchester buses, and the green liveries intrigued me too!