Tuesday, 20 December 2011

An other delerict hotel goes up in flames

These photos were taken at 00:30 on Tuesday morning as an other of Torquay's long abandoned and delerict hotels burns down. The hotel was situated on Warren Rd where it overlooks Torbay so I would imagine it would have been visable from both Paignton and Brixham.The fire started at about 10:30 (22:30). A police officer I spoke to said he wasn't aware of any casualties though the hotel is surrounded by appartment blocks on both sides. I would imagine the road will be closed for traffic all night and a good portion of Tuesday day time. More photos some time around midday if the police let me get close enought.
PS Thanks Terry for letting me know.

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Cabbie J said...

The bus drivers do not look at all impressed. Never seen so many number 12's on Abbey Rd at any one time.

Was sat behind about 4 with several 32's for the queue stretching from Tor Church/Torhill Rd, back through Union St and Lymington Rd to the coach station.

Building was still smoking and clearly visible from Livermead at midday.

Day off for me, I think.