Thursday, 1 December 2011

Torquay Pension Protest

Three photos from yesterdays pension protest march in Torquay. I have some symphathy for the protesters but I don't think they will get the government to change it's mind on this issue. I have a feeling it's because most people realize that the tax payer can not afford to continue paying for public sector pensions at the rate we have been doing so until now. 
And as one bystander said, "I stack shelves in a supermarket. Tell me, what exactly is a pension?"


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the protesters should be focussing on the situation of current senior citizens. If you have a joint income of circa £140 per week there is no help. In 2015/6 there is to be a big rise in pension but will NOT be paid to current pensioners.
Asking a young lad on the 12 route to let me have the diabaled seat (I'm disabled) I was told to "F*** O** you B*****d coffin dodger", other passengers considered it funny!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you are getting your figures from mate. The Pension Credit applicable amount for a couple of pension age is currently £209.70, with no capital limit (although it does taper). Anyone receiving that also gets %100 Council Tax Benefit, plus winter fuel payments + free bus travel + free prescriptions. Not a fortune, but a lot more than the figure you are quoiting. Disability benefits are paid on top of Pension Credit and can attract additional elements in Pension Credit too.