Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day 2012

So Manchester United decide to ruin their supporters New Year's eve by losing to bottom club Blackburn giving arch rivals Manchester City the chance to go 3 points clear by beating Sunderland on New Years Day. So what did Man City do? They remembered that very old song," Anything you can do, we can do better"' and lost one nil in the dying seconds of the game.
Don't they know in Manchester that football is a serious business.
On New Year's Eve I posted a little reminder on my twitter site telling anyone going home that the street lights in the minor roads go out at 12:30 and to take a torch if they were walking home from the fireworks so they didn't bump into anything on the way home. A couple of kind people retweeted my tweet so hundreds would have read it. Anyway at 12:45 when I went to bed the street lights were still on, giving everyone the impression I am a bit of a div. Torbay Council must have altered the switch off time some how just to annoy me. Thanks very much Torbay. The lights were out by 3:00am when I got up to go to the loo. Seriously though; well done the council for keeping the lights burning so everyone could get home safely. A rare example of our council actually doing something.
From the local paper
“DEMOLITON experts have completed work at the fire-ravaged Conway Court Hotel.
Nick Gambles, director at Gilpin Demolition of Heathfield, said the project was one of the most challenging he had dealt with.”
I personally think Gilpin Demolition did a great job under difficult conditions to pull the building down and get Torbay Rd open as quickly as they did. A good example to our wonderful council who normally don’t seem to be able to do anything quickly.

There is a Met Office warning of high winds here in the South West for Tuesday morning so if you are thinking of going for a stroll across Dartmoor it might be a good idea to stay in and have a nice cup of coffee instead.
And finally a photo of Union Street on New Year's Day.

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