Thursday, 26 January 2012

Problems in Paignton for Two Weeks

If you are thinking of driving along Hyde Rd in Paignton and turning left into Torbay Rd to go down to the sea front the please do it before 10pm Saturday evening, similarly if you are thinking of coming up Torbay Rd to sample the delights of Paignton Town Centre you haven't got much time left to do this trip either because on Saturday evening the level crossing barriers  will come down but will not go up again until 5am on Monday 13 Feb.
The barriers are being replaced and it will take two weeks to replace 4 barriers which works out at one barrier per 3 and a half days.
Should be interesting but it wont be fun. Stagecoach X46, River Link 100 and Devonian 50 services will be effected as well as all the traders in Torbay Rd. The only way over the railway line will be by the footbridge shown in the photo. Go on, give it a try. It will keep you fit. 

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