Friday, 3 February 2012

Cockington Village

Cold but sunny, so I wrapped up warm and headed down to the Strand. I wasn't too sure where to go so I decided to let the first two buses go and get the 3rd. It turned out to be the Local Link 62 to Cockington and turned out to be a good choice. Usually when I go to Cockington I walk in the direction of Cockington Court but today I decided to walk up Cockington Lane. Next week it will be closed to traffic while the council dig the road up to, I think, put in new drains. I came across a footpath that looked slightly more interesting than the road and decided to see where it went. I almost gave up after 20 metres, trees and bushes on both sides and it was a steep climb but I had a rest and carried on. At the top of the hill I took this photo. Well worth the effort. He gave me a good hard look for a few seconds and then decided he would like to be somewhere else and ran off in the direction of Marldon.

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Anonymous said...

Well spotted and that was very considerate of him standing still long enough so you could take a picture! ;o)
Kind regards