Friday, 16 March 2012

The Banjo Repairs Continue

Work started a few weeks ago on the Banjo and Prom here in Torquay. It's been closed since 2006 but finally the money to repair it has been found. The Banjo is a double deck arrangement at present but the top deck will be removed to make it more open and discourage unsociable behaviour late at night. Not that such thing happen here in Torquay. Hopefully work should be finished by June in time for all our wonderful visitors to stroll along the prom from the Pavilion to the Theatre without having the ugly eyesore of railings fencing of part of our lovely seafront.
In the photos you can see a Gilpin digger removing the paving stones so work can start on repairing the supports below. Gilpin's are a local demolition company who very quickly made the site of the Conway Court hotel safe. The Conway Court court fire a few months ago and as it was situated on the top of the cliff overlooking the main road out of Torquay there was a danger debris might fall onto this road. Their speedy work ensured the road was closed for a minimum amount of time.
The second photo shows the Banjo it's self which as I said is to have the top deck removed.
All we need now is for work to start on an other local eye sore, aka The Palm Court Hotel. Which has been in a state of disrepair for even longer than the Banjo.

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