Sunday, 18 March 2012

Government want your views. Not that they will take any notice of them.

Well the government have come up with a consultation document on same sex marriages. In it there are details of basically how the legislation will be framed. Civil marriages for same and opposite sex couples but no religious same sex marriages. The part that concerned me a little bit has been cleared up. Last week I read in a paper that everyone in a civil partnership would automatically become married, not something I wanted. But it seemed the paper got it wrong. I think it was the same paper that printed, on the front page, the headline that eating white rice will almost certainly mean you will end up with Type 2 Diabetes. Millions at risk it said. The story line went on to quote from some research done in the USA that people who eat more than one serving of white rice (150 grams) per week would find themselves injecting insulin everyday for ever. Diabetes UK have already stated that this research is not up to scrutiny and suggested that the best way to avoid Type 2 Diabetes is to make sure you are not overweight, eat a balance diet and take a few hours exercise every week.

If eating lots of rice gave you diabetes then vast numbers of people in China, India, the Middle East and plenty of other counties in the world would all be diabetic. The whole western world would have to abandon all manufacturing and do nothing but produce insulin and metformin tablets just to keep all these rice eaters alive. So don't believe everything you read in the papers, or on the internet for that matter.

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