Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lying Bastard

Chancellor George Osborne told the BBC no pensioner would be worse off in cash terms, and said state pension increases would leave them better off.
Well I am a pensioner and I will be £80 worse off next year and that will increase every year for the rest of my life unless Labour get in and reverse this decision. Add the £50 drop in winter fuel payments, down from 250 quid to 200 and I expect to be down by £3000 by the time I drop dead. Some one earning £200 000 will, in that time be £100 000 better of with their drop in income tax and I and all other pensioners will be paying for that windfall for the rich.
If you are a pensioner or about to be a pensioner and have a conservative or libdem MP then write to them and tell them you will be voting Labour at the next general election. We out number the rich so at voting time we are, briefly more powerful than they are. Tell the robbing bastards we aren't going to stand by and be mugged without fighting back.

Wanted; for mugging old age pensioners.

Be warned, though this man is not armed he is ugly, dangerous and has rich friends in high places.

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