Friday, 2 March 2012

Repairs to the Banjo

Work has finally started on repairs to the Banjo here in Torquay bringing lots of interested spectators. It, and the section of the prom towards the Pavilion have been closed since 2006 though it seems much longer. All of the land here, The Pavilion, Princess Gardens and the Princess Theatre are built on reclaimed land and the concrete structure has been giving way, only slightly, for years. The council has finally decided it has enough money to fix it before it falls down. Work, which includes divers going down to replace concrete blocks should be finished for the summer. More photos as work progresses.


Cabbie J said...

I've learned that Torre Abbey Meadows is also reclaimed land - and that small building at Abbey Crescent (i.e. opposite the toilets near the Palm Court site) was once a toll house for use of the new road crossing this land.

DG875 said...

Did you know that there was another Toll House on the seafront?
This one was almost opposite the bottom of King's Drive- where the shelter is on the sea side of the road.