Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Big Brother trying to pretend he isn't all that big.

A data breach that may have exposed as many as 1.5 million credit card accounts has been "absolutely contained", according to the firm behind the leak.
Global Payments processes payments for firms such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
It admitted that thieves had accessed card account numbers, expiration data and security codes.
This item was on the BBC Technology webpage. This means a company that is looking after other people's money to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars can not keep this data safe and private. On the same page was this item:-
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says plans for new email and web monitoring laws are "not draconian" and safeguards for privacy and civil liberties are "guaranteed".  He did however go on to say that these measures would not be forced through Parliament, there would be debate and consultation before anything became law. Other ministers have come out with statements that would suggest there is a weakening of resolve, even Dave Cameron seemed to be backtracking some what. Keep up the preasure and the stupid idea will go the way of the dodo and ID cards.

As  I have said before it is impossible to guarantee 100% that data will be kept private and safe. It simply can not be done. Hackers are just too persistent.

Are you worried about the government's attempts to read your emails, see what you view when you surf the net? Does it concern you the government will know where you are when you use the internet? Yes? Write to you MP now. Please. Let then know your views now.

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