Monday, 18 June 2012

Opening the Banjo

6 years ago the Banjo and part of the prom were closed. The reason given at the time was that should a large crowd congregate the concrete supports might not be able to stand the strain. Other reasons have been suggested, namely that it would be easier to develop the Banjo and prom if they weren't in use.
Anyway, after 3 months of hard work the prom and Banjo are now fit to walk along again and this evening the Mayor Gordon Oliver, flanked by Councillors Darren Cowell, Robert Excell and Jenny Faulkner from the Tormohun Ward cut the tape and declared the place open. The Mayor, in his little speech said there was more to come in his effort to tidy up Torquay. He didn't mention his idea for the third harbour and I decided it wasn't the time to ask him pointed questions about the cost of such a project. I didn't ask him about the £50 000 owed to Torbay by the balloon people either. Dull sort of evening really.
As I have said you can now enjoy walking along the pro for the first time in 6 years without having to dodge round ugly looking railings. Enjoy

PS Sorry the photos are in the wrong order.


DG875 said...

I thought they were taking the top deck off the banjo?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Punch & Judy Man - a Hancock film.

Anonymous said...

What about some money being spent on Paignton? All we hear about is torquay - a big dump that I avoid like the plague.
If Oliver sells Oldway then that money belongs to the people of Paignton NOT Brixham or torquay.
Notice the Geo Park did not our council officers realise the green flooded? Same with balloon their legal team outsmarted the council!