Saturday, 9 June 2012

Parking in the Wrong Place

I took this photo a couple of days ago in Torbay Rd in Paignton of a Civil Enforcement Officer (used to be called traffic wardens). He was in the process of putting a parking ticket on the red car. Not because the driver of the car hadn't paid, nor had the driver over stayed his time. What he had done is park his/her car in a bay reserved and marked out as for Solo Motor Cycles Only. Now regular readers will know I think people who park their cars where they shouldn't deserve all the get. But in this instance my sympathy is with the motorist. Please read on.
This bay used to be, until mid May, for cars, but has been marked out, as I said for Motor bikes. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that people were still parking cars in the bay and several of then had got tickets. So yesterday while waiting time at our bus stop which is just across the road from the bay I decided to do a small amount of investigatative journalism. So each time I saw a car parking in the bay I nipped over the road and conducted an indepth interview with the driver.
Actually what I say was, "Are you aware that you are parking in a bay for solo motor cycles only?" and pointed to the writing in the roadway and the sign up on a post. None of the 8 drivers I spoke to had even noticed either the sign or the writing in the road. Which to my mind wasn't surprising. The sign is facing the road and is invisible to drivers approaching the bay. Similarly the writing (Solo Motor Cycles Only) has been placed so it can be read by someone standing in the road but to an approaching motorist it is small and would be like turning a book through 90% anticlockwise and trying to read it.
Almost impossible to see and defiantly impossible to read, especially if you are a weary motorist desperately seeking a parking place. It might be that this bay is legally set up and signposted but it would be nice if Torbay Council had a look at the site and did something to improve the chances that motorists could see the signs before that park there and get an undeserved parking ticket.
Plus it would leave the bay open for the people it is intended for, the solo motorcyclist.

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