Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mobile Phone Call

As I was driving along Esplanade Rd my phone rang. As I was driving I made no attempt to answer it. Even if I had it would have been pointless as it only rang twice. When I got to Cockington I look at my missed calls and the number was 02920381900. Now the first time someone rang me and hung up after 2 rings I did ring back only to find some company wanted to sell me life insurance. So it cost me money just to tell them to, "**** off"

So I don't bother ringing this sort of call back but I did google the number and got lots of answers, most saying don't ring the number. Some sort of scam I expect.

Weather still wet and not like August should be.


Anonymous said...

Get your telephones on to the telphone prefernce service junk calls will almost cease after a few months and if they cold call you can report them to IC.

Barry said...

I don't get calls but I do get texts from unknown numbers. I never answer as these are usally just phishing texts and if you reply then it highlights to them it is a"live" number and you end up with a stream of different offers.

Cabbie J said...

You can register to the TPS but marketing companies are very crafty as there are ways round the TPS - for example they are exempt if their contact is considered 'hot' as opposed to 'cold'.

If you have a form of contact with them, any further communications from them to you will be exempt from the TPS list.

However, if they continue to pester you, I'm 99.9% sure they are obliged to cease communications with them if you ask them.

Also, I'm pretty sure 02 is a London area prefix, 020 is for central london anyway.