Friday, 17 August 2012

The Big Wheel

A couple of photos of the big wheel that is going up in Princess Gardens. The first was taken from Corbyn Head at 14:49 and shows the base of the wheel had been erected. The second was taken in Princess Gardens 35 minutes later and shows that almost a quarter of the wheel has been assembled, pretty fast work but then the company want the thing up and making money by Monday. The mayor, Gordon Oliver, is going to take a ride on Monday morning if it is fully up and running. It is 60 metres high and I believe will cost 5 quid a ride.

The company that own the wheel, The Mellors Group state that once the wheel has had it's fun here in Torquay the site will be returned to the condition it was in before it turned up.


retired driver Peter said...

I guess this is the wheel that Mellors put up regularly in Nottingham Old Market Square and was I believe last year in Derby. They also in the summer transform the Square into a 'beach' with sand and funfair rides. At least rather than your previous baloon thing, this is operated by a reputable company. Enjoy a ride.

Prodigal Green said...

The wheel is much better than the balloon - hence why Plymouth wants to keep ours against other plans.

Anonymous said...

wonder the usual complainers in the dump torquay are not being very vocal. Still it is perhaps to put the place into the 21st century from the stoneage that so many in torquay long for.
I personally have no room for torquay and hate the place, and sincerely wish Brixham and Paignton could join forces and leave torquay to its own devices, the quicker the better.

HKguy said...

To Anonymous above. You could always start a blog about Paignton or Brixham. Can't wait to hear all about them and what is going on there.