Monday, 10 September 2012

Coach in Cockington

OK. The coach shouldn't have been there. There is a sign prohibiting coaches and large buses from Cockington Lane. Imagine what would happen if half a dozen all turned up at once. At present there is a 2 year exemption so local buses can go into Cockington but as soon as we drop off and pick up we leave. The timetable is designed like that otherwise we would clutter the place up. On the way into Cockington yesterday afternoon the lady driving the horse and buggy stopped me and mentioned the fact that a bloody great coach was parked on the bus stop. And as you can see, there was.

I spoke to the coach driver and he told me he hadn't been sure about taking the coach to Cockington but looked up the phone number of one of the establishments in the village to ask if there was anywhere to park a coach in the village and was told, "Yes, no problem. There's a big bus stop here right in the centre of the village."

The driver himself, by the time he had negotiated the lane up to Cockington was most unhappy. He definitely wasn't ever going to visit Cockington again. Not with a coach anyway.

I asked him what time he was going. I didn't want to meet him in the lane, one of us would have to reverse a long way. He happily agreed to wait until I next arrived and follow me out. And we got out without meeting any cars going the other way which was a good thing.

So, coach drivers, even if someone tells you there is room to park a coach, don't believe them. Please.



DG875 said...

Have you been kind to him and blanked out his fleet name?

David said...

I have, he was really sorry about blocking the bus stop and to some extent it wasn't his fault.