Monday, 8 October 2012

Cockington Apple Day, Oct 14

Yesterday I had a nice surprise as I set of on my first trip. The level crossing area was full of gentlemen in bright orange suits working on the rail track and the train station car park was full with a double decker FirstBus (it is only a small car park) waiting to transfer rail passengers to Torquay. And it looked like an all day job. No barriers coming down on Torbay Rd to day. God was smiling on me, or so I thought until I got to Cockington Lane.
Sorry to come back to the subject of Cockington Lane and parking but God help the people of Cockington if they ever need the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Service on a Saturday or Sunday.
There are about 15 signs along Cockington Lane the same as the one in the top photo but people either ignore them in the expectation that the Torbay Parking Services van doesn't make it down there, or because they, being car drivers are confused by the signs.
The top sign, in blue says No Parking Passing Place Only. Surely that is clear enough. You can't park in a passing place otherwise how will people be able to pass. But the yellow part of the sign says Restricted Zone. At Any Time, Good Friday to 30 Sept. Does this mean you can park here after 30 Sept. It would seem that many car drivers interpret the slightly confusing mix of instructions as yes, you can park here. Well obviously you can. All you have to do is drive your car into the space, switch the engine of and get out and walk away. But you bloody well shouldn't. If something comes the other way now we are both in trouble.

Well next Sunday, 14 October is, Cockington Apple Day, and thousands are expected to make their way to Cockington. Some on the number 50 bus from Paignton but I expect a few will walk there, it is a very nice walk through the meadows next to Cockington Lane. Please don't walk along the road, it is safer to walk along the M1 than to walk along the lane. Most will of course come by car, and why not? God gave us wheels, why not use them? But if parking is allowed along the lane next Sunday there could be big problems from about 10:45 which is when I get there. This Sunday was bad enough but with the amount of traffic expected next Sunday to celebrate the humble but delicious apple there will be chaos.


Cabbie J said...

Whatever signs say, its illegal to park in a manner which would impede the access of emergency service vehicles.

World Traveller said...

A day spent celebrating Cockington Apple Day makes you appreciate the traditions of the English countryside & partaking in a tipple of the delicious cider. Cockington Apple Day is part of National Apple Day which aims to raise awareness of the need to preserve the remaining orchards in Devon and the UK. Since 1965 over 90% of apple orchards have been lost due to cheap imports and modern farming methods.

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