Sunday, 30 December 2012

Culburra, NSW

Sunday morning here in Culburra which is a holiday seaside town 200 km south of Sydney and after a really sunny day yesterday it is cloudy and a bit of rain but also nice and cool. It has been hot here and sun block is sold by the gallon and even I have been forced to use the smelly and sticky stuff. I haven't been on the internet much since we came to Culburra on Christmas Eve. It's even difficult getting a mobile phone signal here and there is no internet anywhere near. I have had to drive to a bowling club a few miles up the road to find a place with a free wi fi connection.

Include are a few photos from Culburra. No buses I afraid, there is a bus service here to Nowra which is the nearest town but the bus stops I have seen don't match up to Stagecoach standards; i.e. a time table on every bus stop (almost) and the bus seems to only run twice a day.

The photos  show the local Woolworths ( not like our late lamented Woolie but a big supermarket chain) which is like Tesco's coming to Brixham, not welcomed by the local shopkeepers but everyone else thinks it's wonderful. The beach is 10 km long and usually mostly deserted and the tree with the plaque is where someone tried to do 200 kph in a 100 kph area.

Hope the weather in the UK isn't too bad. Without  the internet I haven't been getting much news  from England

I'll be back in Sydney in 5 days and will probably spend a couple of days surfing the net until I self destruct. 


Liz said...

Lovely pictures David - especially the one of Culburra beach - the sky is amazing ! Just beautiful ! Liz

Ex DG said...

1201 lunchtime here in the UK. Guess it is already 2013 over there- so Happy New Year Dave.

Dave said...

Seems like you are enjoying your stay in Oz David - Dave (NZ)

David said...

I alway enjoy going to Oz and now I have made it to New Zealand I have to say I enjoy there as well. South Island in 2014.