Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pimlico Not Closing

It would appear from information received (thanks Ben) that Pimlico isn't going to close until Fleet Street opens again next month. Even then it will be a mess, the only way round would be for the buses to go down the lower end of Union Street and I'm not sure that is possible. Other than that the buses will have to go along Tor Hill Rd to Lucius St from Castle Circus and down Belgrave Rd to the Strand but that will leave Union Street with out any bus stops. We will just have to wait and see.


Ben Austin Williams said...

It's okay David. It's quite confusing really as to the diversion. It will be a hard one to some up with a diversion, unless like you said they miss most of it and continue from Castle Circus via Belgrave road to the strand. :(

Anonymous said...

I understood the diversion for pimlico was going to be by using the lower end of union street, except for buses coming down market st (34) that would miss out Ellacombe/market st and come straight down st marychurch rd to castle circus as the left turn from market st to union st is now to tight due to the changes in road layout