Sunday, 31 March 2013

British Summer Time Arrives.

So British Summer Time is with us once again.

I have two wishes, the first I suspect is shared by just about everyone in the UK, the second by a lot of people in the UK.

The first wish is for spring to turn up never mind summer. The second wish is that British Summer Time to be replaced by British Standard Time. Our belovered leader, David, says that British Standard Time would create problems in the winter for those UK citizens that live in Scotland and as he doesn’t wish to upset them, they might not vote for his party, the rest of us have to have darker nights than needed in autumn and winter. Well not for much longer because on Thursday 18 September, 2014 those UK citizens that live in Scotland will not be UK citizens anymore so they can have their own time and in October of the same year we can say "Get stuffed Greenwich Mean Time," for ever more and we can have English, Welsh and Northern Irish Time all year round. ( What are we going to call our selves when Scotland goes?)

And there is this bit of news from the BBC that will supprise no one.

  Easter Sunday has been confirmed as the coldest Easter day on record, with the lowest temperature recorded as -12.5C in Braemar, in the Scottish Highlands .The previous coldest Easter day since modern records began in 1960 was Easter Monday in 1986, which dipped to -9.8C, the Met Office said.
I was at Preston Sands 10 days ago and again two days ago and there was a big difference. The beach huts were back. Personally I think they are just one ugly pile of wood and I would get rid of them if I was mayor.

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