Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fleet Street Work Continues

As you can see from the photos the work is continuing with asphalt being laid at the lower end and curb stones at the top end near where the bus stops used to be.

I have a bit of a problem with where the curb stones are being laid which seems to indicate that the 12/12A bus stop will actually be about 35 feet lower down Fleet St. There is a bit of a bend just in front of where the bus stop used to be but will now mean that buses setting off from the position the new stop will be in will not be able to see very far up the road to find out if there are any buses coming down. Mind you, I am sure this was looked into at the planning stage, measurements would have been taken and the bus company consulted and so on, so who am I to be worried the lay out might be horribly wrong?

Will it be ready for 19 March? Time will tell.

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