Thursday, 14 March 2013

More on Fleet St.

It is hoped that Stagecoach will be able to run a bus or two along Fleet St early on Tuesday afternoon. This will be a risk assessment run to make sure everyone got their measurements right. God knows what will happen is they haven’t; buses running up and down Belgrave Rd for all eternity I expect.

So it is possible that services buses will be running up and down Fleet St some time on Tuesday. Once that happens work will continue on the pedestrian part of the street until June. Then everything will be cleared away until September 2014 when the next section of the street will be dug up and repaired.

The big, ugly, green planter with it's big, ugly dull green tree opposite the escalator up to Fleet Walk has gone, thank goodness. Apparently there were people down there protesting at it's removal. I can not think how anyone could mourn the passing of these awful monsters.


Talking of repairs. I cannot see much going on at Livermead sea front. Four tonne rocks were supposed to be making an appearance by now but all we have got down there is a few bits of railings to block the footpath and two bus stops they are out of service for no apparent reason.



Cabbie J said...

You could have played spot the difference while the 'repair works' were under way.

All I can see they've done is pull up a bit of pavement surface.

But it could be that they've injected cement into the back of the wall to stabilize it.

David said...

I am planning to show a start to finish set of photos though I did miss the beginning as I was in Australia when work started.