Thursday, 7 March 2013

Paignton Bus Station

Looks a mess right now (nothing changed). This is the canteen end. The canteen is closed, no idea where the drivers are spending their meal breaks. Only about a third of the old concrete roof has gone so it will be a while yet before we get to see the new style roof.

Whilst I was waiting on the Strand for a bus over to Paignton a 12 went by heading for Newton. Now the Newton bus doesn't stop on the Strand, too many buses stop there as it is and if the Newton bus stopped there too many people would end up getting on the wrong bus. However there was a couple standing there who put their hand out to stop the bus and flagging desperately for it to stop when it became obvious that it wasn't going to stop. I could see them muttering as the bus sped of into the distance, probably something nasty about my former colleagues.

So when a 12A came round the Clock Tower with Castle Circus on the front and they again tried unsuccessfully to get it to stop I had a quiet word and explained that the buses were on a diversion and those going to Newton or Castle Circus didn't stop on the Strand. They looked at me as if I was mad so I wandered off. An other passenger told me he had tried explaining the problem to them but they took no notice of him either. I was hoping the next bus that came round would also be going to Newton just to watch them give their futile wave at it. Sadly the next bus was a 12A heading to Paignton. Our heroes got on and gave the driver a few seconds hell. He just smiled, he had heard it all before.

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