Friday, 1 March 2013

The work in Fleet St continues, the curb stones are presently being laid down and one good thing has emerged. The bottleneck that was created outside Banx's pub has gone. Before the work started the plans were on display in a disused shop in Fleet St and I had a look at them. On those plans the bench that had been in place just before the 31, 32 and 34 bus stop for donkeys years and had been causing problems for just as long was still in place. I spoke to the council official and suggested strongly that leaving the bench there was not the best idea any o0ne at the town hall had ever had. He didn't seem to understand what the problem was so I took him by the hand (not really) and lead him outside. The shop the [plans were displayed in was just by the above mentioned bus stop. Luckily a 12A and a 12 had stopped at their stop and a 31 had pulled into the 31 stop but hadn't got all the way in. Coming down but unable to get past were a couple of buses and there were also a couple of buses waiting to come up. Could not have timed it better in a month of Sundays.

The council official agreed that removing the bottleneck might actually be a good idea.

Will the road be open for buses on March 19? I did ask someone who should know the answer to that question but they were unable to speak coherently due to being doubled up with laughter.

Congratulations to Ryan Giggs tomorrow on 1000 games. Beat that if you can.


DG875 said...

Good for you Dave! That is a major obstacle removed. I just hope they leave room for two buses to pass each other.
I can't see it being open by 19th.

David said...

Those curb stones are about 21 feet apart. Given that buses are a couple of inches over 8 feet wide, not counting the mirrors there should be enough room, but care will be needed.