Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tree Felling on the Road to Brixham

To day the road down to Brixham was closed while 4 large trees had the tops chopped off.
Then guy in the photo is climbing up one of the branches to secure a chain to the top of the branch so it doesn't just fall 80 feet down onto the road. This could damage the road and be messy to clear up. A crane will gently lower the branch which weighs about a tonne into a field at the side of the road to be cut up into smaller pieces for later removal.

Single decker buses ran between the Park and Ride and Brixham so the place wasn't cut off from the rest of the world while the trees felling was going on.

I did take some video which, once I have edited it will appear on Youtube. Will take a day or two though.

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