Thursday, 18 April 2013

Changes to Road Lay Out At Princess Theatre.

Something is going on along the Seafront by the Princess Theatre. There was an item in the Herald Express suggesting that the road lay out was going to change and that the council would be holding a consultation period before deciding exactly what the lay out would be. Yesterday there were workmen at the Palm Court end of the road removing the planters form the red section of roadway at the end of what is now the parking section of the road.

This morning on the bus on my way to work I saw these workmen blocking the right side of road and diverting the traffic to the left side of the carriageway which is presently used for parking.

Changes are happening so watch out.

If it goes back to as it was before work started on Rock Walk then in the summer expect buses to take for ever getting between the Strand and Belgrave Road due to cars taking for ever to find a parking space and then reversing into it. Several times over the years I have had to brake hard to avoid hitting a car that has seen a parking place and slammed brakes on with little regard for following traffic.


Cabbie J said...

I would like to imagine this is a traffic flow trial.

Hopefully they will remove the thermoplastic humps, too.

DG875 said...

Back to the old system today, both carriageways open- Dual carriageway working, although still only parking on Theatre side.

David said...

When you said back to the old system I thought for a beautiful moment you were talking about Livermead. Sadly not.

DG875 said...

No way Dave, see my comment against your letter to the editor.

Cabbie J said...

There is construction work under way at Abbey Crescent (where the old Palm Court was) in the centre of the roadway, there was a Paignton-bound closure to protect workers undertaking this work. I assume once the work is complete the road will be reopened as usual.