Thursday, 25 April 2013

Livermead and other problems

At present buses from Paignton to Torquay are going over the Ring Road, a 15 minute add-on to the journey. Well the good news is that part of the existing diversion by Wheatridge Lane is to be made one way from Monday ( fingers crossed) so the buses can use the short diversion. A 2 minute add-on.

The second bit of news isn't so good. It will be some time in the middle of May before the buses going up Fleet St will be replaced by buses going down Fleet St and the end of June before we get two way traffic in Fleet St. Not too bad when you remember that two way traffic was supposed to happen on March 19.

The third bit is a bit of a puzzle. The traffic past the Princess is as it was last week with a minor diversion in from of the old Palm Court hotel. This seems to be to allow construction worker safe access in and out of the building site. I expect we will just have to wait and see what happens next with this particular piece of road.

Penn Inn roundabout still seems to be giving drivers problems but the new link road, when it is finished will solve all those problems. I expect.

And finally, just a reminder, if you are catching a bus in Paignton for Torquay or even getting off a bus in Paignton from Brixham the stop across the road from the Post Office is no longer in use.


Cabbie J said...

Yes, as I suspected:

I did worry for a while. I can be lucky to get into 2nd gear between the harbour and Belgrave Road at the moment. I didn't fancy a whole summer of that!

Anonymous said...
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